What is Generational

The era of foundation models is here, transforming our lives and work as profoundly as smartphones and personal computers once did. Generational delves into the most significant artificial intelligence trends and companies to inform investors, founders, and operators where they should place their bets.

Written by someone who has built machine learning models, invested in AI companies, and edited his high school newspaper. If you're a tech reader, think The Generalist meets Strachetery but focused on AI.

What you can expect

  • Essays (1-3 per quarter): Topical essays and curated reads. A blend of commercial, societal, and technical. Always personal, empirical, and sardonic.

  • Companies (1-3 per quarter): Company briefings featuring generational AI scaleups and startups defining new markets, leading their categories, and ones that you’d want to join either as an investor or operator.

  • Trends (2 per year): Semi-annual in-depth analysis of market trends. Sometimes obvious but always with a tinge of originality.

Why subscribe

  • Cut through the noise of news with thoughtful analysis, if a bit sardonic, and curated news

  • You want to learn about the most exciting AI companies so you can join or invest in them before they become unicorns and public companies

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Why is the logo GPT

It stands for Generational Publication on Tech. Generational’s thesis is that Generative Pretrained Transformers are General Purpose Technologies. In short, GPT was started because GPTs are GPTs.

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